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Ethan Sellers Band (ESB) began as an extension of the Sellers' solo acoustic folk-rock performances, and quickly evolved into a creative force in its own right. ESB's original music explores a potent mix of folk, rock, reggae, country, blues, funk, Latin, and Celtic music.

The breadth of the styles covered by ESB's music may seem perplexing, but Sellers and company view it as part of the great American musical tradition of mixing cultures together.

Band leader Sellers' explains, "My dad grew up in New Orleans, a city famous for its music - in large part because so many different cultures each brought something to the mix. I think that aspect of family tradition rubbed off in my music, and I try to bring that quality to my music - that combination of different distinct elements into a sort of musical gumbo... My primary goal is to move the audience's hearts, minds, and behinds - all at once."

Indeed, Sellers' songs are aimed squarely at all three target areas, and range from inventive takes on familiar topics such as loves lost, whimsical character studies, and political and social broadsides about the environment, corporate crime, human rights, and gentrification. ESB plays songs that run the full gamut.

But, of course, none of that would matter if the band didn't make great music, right? Right. Well it, does - and then some. ESB's rock-solid driving rhythm section is topped off with inventive use of fiddle, tasteful lead guitar, and multi-part vocal harmonies. Sellers' bandmates in ESB are in-demand musicians Becky Rule (fiddle), Aaron Weistrop (guitar), Nathan Britsch (bass), and Tom Lloyd (drums).


Aside from their energetic and fun original songs, ESB also puts its own spin on songs by artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Phish, and many others. With such an array of instrumentation and influences, there's a little something for everyone in ESB's repertoire.

ESB has performed at venues including The House in DeKalb, Nevin's Live in Evanston, and a variety of Chicago venues including Wise Fool's Pub, Rhythm, Goose Island Brewpub, Bottom Lounge, and the Heartland Cafe. ESB has also been featured on festival bills such as Around the Coyote and the Lost Harvest Fest.

The band is currently working on tracks for its debut album, Empty Steins and Stragglers.

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