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Tautologic - Basement Sessions, Volume I
Tautologic's Basement Sessions, Volume I is a studio snapshot of the band's live line-up in 2001, performing some of the band's more accessible material. Featuring audience favorites like "Best Day of Your Life" and "Special Sauce," Basement Sessions, Volume I is the first in a series of self-produced CDs to catalog the band's continuing evolution into home studio auteurs. The French magazine Harmonie called the release "... miraculous progressive pop.... Immortal and visionary."

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Tautologic - West Is North, East Is South
West Is North, East Is South, Tautologic's debut CD, is a 50-minute journey featuring 12 concise, original cuts. Including everything from 60's soul and psychedelic homages to modernistic string quartets, the CD features elaborate arrangements on each song. The release got very positive reviews and radio airplay in 3 continents. Progression cited it as "a very auspicious debut," and numerous European publications listed the disc as being among the best releases of 2000.

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Omshanti Collective - Follow The Cha
Before Tautologic and Turtle Down Music began, the chief members of Om (vocalist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Ed Funk, drummer Jon Elfner, and bassist Aaron Kohen) occupied the same house on the South Side of Chicago. Om worked for three years before Elfner opted for marriage and Funk for a life in the Monastery of the Holy Cross. Follow The Cha, the band's only CD release during its existence, features a tight, violin-peppered five-piece rock lineup and Funk's thoughtful songs, drawing on influences ranging from Gregorian chant to 80's pop.

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