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About Turtle Down Music

Turtle Down Music is an independent music publisher whose primary focus is the production, release, and promotion of its artist roster. Turtle Down also offers a variety of creative services to a wide variety of clients. These services include:


License compositions published by Turtle Down Music. Compositions by our roster are available for recording by other artists, film, television, and other media. Contact us at licensing@turtledown.com for licensing and/or clearance.

Arrangement and Composition

Commission new songs/compositions or arrangements for recordings by other artists, film, television, or other media. We can also arrange cover songs for your project. We compile full scores and parts for printing. MIDI files are also available. Production assistance - including rehearsals and session musician sub-contracting - is available in conjunction with arrangement and composition commissions for recording projects. Contact composition@turtledown.com for samples, rates, and information.


Let our staff (many of whom have perfect pitch) transcribe your original music for copyright and publishing, or even just figure out those tough licks on your favorite record. Full score and/or parts can be compiled from recordings and e-mailed as a PDF file, usually within a week. Contact transcriptions@turtledown.com for rates, samples, and information.

Original Artwork and Design:

Let the staff who creates Turtle Down's CDs, poster, flyers, postcards, and web site help you make a distinctive impression. Commission original paintings and drawings, layout and type-setting for your project. We can take the project from concept to printing. Contact art@turtledown.com for rates, samples, and information.

Promotional Copy Writing:

Let Turtle Down write your next press release, brochure, web site text, or other promotional material. Our staff has written copy for various artists, national publications, and corporations. We'll target the message to your audience. Contact writing@turtledown.com for rates, samples, and information.

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